60 nanosecondi, 100 all'ammore



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3 commenti

  1. 저도 그림책 작가를 꿈꾸는 사람으로써 이런 상황에는 정말 마음이 불끈하네요. 일이 잘 해결돼서 달샤베트가 아이들을 위한 이름으로만 남았음 좋겠어요^^

  2. I want to use the “Blacklist via the Referrer” to block my site from everybody except when they come from a certain web page.example: My site is only accessible if the come from a google site.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. LeanneYou are such a doll! You come over and “like” my posts with the photographs and I am in such awe that someone who is a professional photographer would do that! Let alone the fact that I don’t have any nifty programs to play with (seeing this post of yours makes me wish I did )!So, I wanted to say THANK YOU !KK

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